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Why push the arts?



It’s automatic.

Art pushes itself.

We locate the supply to feed the demand.

Art is everywhere in all things.

Artpusher Studios awakens the artist within.

To quote Steve Jobs, “. . . people don’t know what they want until you show it to them.”

To show someone they are an artist means changing perceptions.

It is gratifying to see a person’s face light up when they find out you are an artist, and there are many people who are brilliant at some things but may not consider what they do to be an art form.

When people think art, typically what comes to mind is painting, drawing, museum masterpieces, etc, but there are innumerable forms of art.

Some examples:

Architecture, carpentry, culinary arts, martial arts, the art of war, ceramics, sculpture, music, performance, film, television, animation, literature, photography, printmaking, origami, collage, fashion and design, graffiti, floral arrangement and botanical gardening, even math, science, medicine, philosophy, psychology, pedagogy, etc are art forms in their own right.



The Studio is an independent organization. Is there concern over industry competition?



The Studio sees competition as an opportunity for cooperation. We’re very community oriented and we refuse to allow competition to negatively affect community cooperation. By incorporating competitors in the grand scheme of operations, Artpushers may continue on to become contributors of competitors as a form of artistic outreach.



What is the Studio currently working on?



The Studio’s attention is currently focused on establishing a presence, bringing attention to our endeavors, and scouting and training burgeoning artists. We’re generating resourceful content for our online outlets while getting the good word out about Artpushing and Artsmanship.



What is Artsmanship?



Fair conduct in the arts is just as important as sportsmanship in athletics. Part of training burgeoning artists means instilling an understanding for observance of protocol and etiquette, treating others with respect and dignity, being helpful, providing insightful contributions and criticism without sarcasm and cynicism, cooperating in the name of community, and teamwork. Through positive artsmanship, the Studio strengthens artists’ professional skills and abilities to effectively establish and develop necessary community and industry connections.



Any mention of current directions the Studio is taking?



Arts, education, and entrepreneurship are the three tenants of the Studio. Everything we’re working for is to inform and educate through promoting and supporting the arts. To continue moving forward means to involve more and more Studio contributors to ensure awareness and value of arts, artists, education, educators, entrepreneurship.



What does the Studio look for as artists go?



The Studio prerequisites are to be a compulsive creator and educator, to involve others with similar interests by supporting community, and to imbue others with the desire to pursue careers in arts and education. If this sounds like you, keep reading and inquire via the comments for more information.



Any advice for burgeoning and unknowing artists?



Identify what you think may be your interests, hobbies, activities, things you enjoyed while growing up, etc.

For example, playing an instrument, taking photos, watercolor painting, drawing, entertaining people, and teaching people are just some examples of skills and abilities that may be more seriously pursued as art forms.

When your interest and hobby is art, it is natural to compartmentalize work by media, genre, form, and style to organize the content as it grows.

You realize art as an umbrella term for everything life has to offer.

Art consumes the artist.

Sometimes artists have to be moonlighters and maintain non-art related employment to fund interest in arts, but the astute artist finds inspiration wherever they may be involved, and in the circumstance of moonlighting it may be expected that the artist’s productivity and works of art will be influenced.

In closing, to quote Herman Melville, “Keep true to the dreams of thy youth.”


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